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Shane Mausome

Shane Mausome

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Shane Mausome


WKI Magazine: What inspired you to become a part of the film industry?

Shane Mausome: I grew up watching it, and obviously wanted to be some of my favorite super heroes, I had a vivid imagination and was able to create a whole other world in my mind. My dad was an athlete and in the military and happened to have some home movie style experience with film. I’ve still got some old film reels of my dad’s that I really need to get converted to digital. I am an introvert and was shy, so I never really gravitated to being on stage. I was made aware of cool things you can do with camera footage which peaked my interest and creativity, and even tho I wasn’t bold enough to be a star, I still kinda wanted to be those badass guys and my dad being ex military wrestler, taught me fitness, fighting and firearms. I remember seeing the 6 million dollar man play a stunt man in a show called Fall Guy, so I was just intrigued with all the aspects of film production and the unsung hero vibe kinda spoke to me. Eventually I started working as an iOS support agent at Apple, and suddenly I was able to take some of these ambitions and start acting on them technically, and that’s really where it all took off from.

WKI Magazine: What and when was your first film project?

Shane Mausome: That’s really tough to answer. What constitutes a project? What’s a film project? I drew as a kid and took art classes. I had made makeshift comics, and eventually did some photography. I bought my first camera used from a buddy who was really my first film friend. The camera he sold me only shot stills, and he was moving up to video. This was around the same time I was working at Apple, and I met him training and working at that job. When I bought his camera, one thing I noticed was, my iPhone pictures actually looked better. I knew it wasn’t because the camera was better. It was my lack of technical skill. So that become my focus. Upgrade my technical skill so I could get better images with my new better camera than I could get with my iPhone, and that’s what I did. My first mini video/edit came when a coworker told me that Sacramento Zombie Walk was happening. I knew that was basically an opportunity to have a bunch of free extras. I was not only trying to learn more about iPhone features, since that’s what my job was, but I was also learning iMovie… because I could. I tried to get a group of guys together to make a short film, but it ended up just being my g/f at the time and me. So… I just shot a bunch of crap and tried to make a trailer out of it in iMovie. Eventually I ended up auditioning for a part in a Trash Film Orgy movie… that I found out are the same producers who brought us the Zombie Walk. My next thing was a competition put on by Sac Horror Film Fest. So the local Sac community really was my gateway into filmmaking.

WKI Magazine: What film project, so far, has made the biggest impact on you personally and professionally?

Shane Mausome: Working with CRA Entertainment has really been where I’ve been striving to be for two reasons. First, they understand the value of preproduction, planning, and operating as a business. All of those things are of utmost importance for surviving in the film industry long term. Second, I know they value what I bring to the table as a partner. Not everyone I have worked with has.

But when it comes to creativity, some of the worst planned and under resourced projects have had the greatest impact because not only does it show you what you’re made of, but it what you are capable of doing against all odds, and despite how well resourced and how well planned your project is, you are going to have problems that need to be solved, and may feel against the odds. It’s a weird thing to say, but I’ve always said, filmmaker is easy… but it’s also very hard. It’s easy for anyone to go out with whatever camera they have and make a film, but as your production gets bigger, and more complicated you really need to learn how to solve problems to make it to the end of the project.

WKI Magazine: What are your favorite and least favorite roles to portrait?

Shane Mausome: Well, in my heart of hearts I’m a camera operator and producer. I love the creativity in those roles. Picking a frame, and following it to where it’s going. I also love brainstorming ideas, and troubleshooting problems, which is why I enjoy being on the production team.

When it comes to being in front of the camera… I just want to be badass. Light dialogue and acting, heavy on badassery. I don’t consider myself much of an actor, but I did have the opportunity to play a lead badass in a Resident Evil fan film titled Sirens Song, you can find on You Tube


WKI MagazineWho is your favorite role model and why?

Shane Mausome: I can’t pick a specific person as a role model. My role model is anyone who can teach me something new that I can add to my toolbox. Sometimes the people who come with those tips and ideas are the people you’d least expect, so I listen to everyone and pick out the gold when I see it.

WKI Magazine: Tell us about your latest film project?

Shane Mausome: Currently CRA Entertainment has two films in post production, ‘Demon Fighter’, and ‘Love N Quarantine’. ‘Love N Quarantine’ will be premiering on November 18th 2021, and will hopefully be available for streaming soon after. A biker film based on a Finnish graphic novel titled ‘Blood, Skulls & Chrome’ recently went into post production and a Abstractor Studios film ‘Reanimation Team’ is currently in production. A music video I shot also dropped just last month.
Abstractor Studios and I also collaborated on a cgi heavy film that was produced by a very talented cgi artist in Iran that has already garnered over 1 million views on You Tube, called ‘Alien Reaction’.

WKI Magazine: What are some of your future plans or goals?

Shane Mausome: I would love to produce a project of my own conception. Up to this point, most of the projects I’ve worked on were the mind child of other people, and I’ve had a great time helping bring those children to life, but I definitely want to create one of my own. I haven’t done that outside of little micro projects with very few resources.

WKI Magazine:Tell us something about you that most people don’t know?

Shane Mausome: I was pretty shy growing up. Working in retail helped me diminish my shyness but I’m still an introvert. Getting involved in film and occasionally getting in front of the camera have gotten me even more out of my natural shell, but I still don’t consider myself an actor. ? I also enjoy to playing poker & chess. I’m also an occasional video gamer and am kinda excited about the Metaverse.