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Doug Dawson

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Doug Dawson

"Skeezy" from Z Nation

WKI MAGAZINE: What inspired you to become an actor?

DOUG DAWSON: I always liked performing skits with my high school youth group. And I was always the class clown. But I never really thought of being an actor. My freshman year at Eastern Washington University , I enrolled in what I thought was a theater in humanities course. It turns out I signed up for an intro to acting course. I started learning the basic fundamentals of acting and I was hooked. I ended up majoring in theater arts.

WKI MAGAZINE: What was your favorite episode that your worked on in Z Nation?

DOUG DAWSON: Episode 7 of season 2, “Down the Mississippi .” It was well written and dedicated by John Hyams. I feel it was the episode that established the Sketchy and Skeezy characters as well as the idea of a dedicated Sketchy and Skeezy episode each season. And it was just a lot of fun to shoot.

WKI MAGAZINE: How did you become "Skeezy"in SciFi Channels Z Nation?

DOUG DAWSON: There’s a couple ways I can answer that. One, obviously, I auditioned and got the part. In episode one of season one when they saw how Mark Carr (Sketchy) and I were playing our characters, they asked us if we would be interested in being recurring characters. Two, the creation of Skeezy as a character happened over time. The Z Nation Sketchy and Skeezy episodes always had great writers, directors, and other actors with which to work. Skeezy developed out of that organic group effort.

WKI MAGAZINE: How is your relationship off camera with "Sketchy" (Mark Carr), your on air partner in crime?

DOUG DAWSON: Mark and I did not know each other before Z Nation. But we quickly became good friends. We stay in regular contact with each other and always hang out when we are in the same town. Neither of us are very much like our characters. I think sometimes people expect us to have a friendship like the friendship Sketchy and Skeezy have. But it’s nothing like that. Mark and I are way more laid-back. The only cons we pull in real life are trying to pay the tab without the other knowing.

WKI MAGAZINE: What projects are you currently working on?

DOUG DAWSON: I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. I have an idea for a stage musical I’ve been working on as well. I’ll be doing some summer theater. Besides that I am just auditioning and hoping to get cast in more great roles.

WKI MAGAZINE: What types of roles/genre would you prefer to play?

DOUG DAWSON: I’m essentially a character actor. Take a look at the resumes of Stephen Root, Gary Cole, Alan Tudyk, etc. I would LOVE to get the type of roles and deliver the varied and consistently amazing performances that those guys get and do.

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