WKI Magazine Entertainment Article #40

Eric Gardere

Eric Gardere



WKI Magazine Interview with

Eric Gardere

Martial Artist

Interview written by: Jeff Ace Walker and Poppa Will

WKI MAGAZINE: When were you first introduced into the martial arts?


WKI MAGAZINE: Did you ever compete in tournaments, fighting or forms?

ERIC GARDERE: I actually did not begin competing until I was a little older. When I was younger I did not have a lot of confidence in myself. I did not like to be in front of crowds. LOL, my mom used to make me dance all the time when she had company come by. I first started off doing forms and then I went on to fighting.

WKI MAGAZINE: What systems have you trained in?

ERIC GARDERE: Hard Style Karate, Kenpo, Kaju, Tai Mantis, Wing Chun, Dragon, Eagle.

WKI MAGAZINE: I heard that you met Bruce Lee, is this correct?

ERIC GARDERE: While I was training at Professor Gaylords In Fremont California Master Lee came in to visit with professor Gaylord, they apparently were friends and he would visit
Professor every so often. The thing is though is that we did not know who Master Lee was at that time. He was just introduced as Master Lee. I actually did not know exactly who he was until I went to the $1.00 theater in San Jose and saw his first movie.
Unfortunately, I never saw him again after that time.

WKI MAGAZINE:How many championships have you won and what were they for?

ERIC GARDERE: I honestly do not ever mention my belts or championships for two reasons. One I learned to be very humble about what God has allowed me to have and to give him all the glory, so even though I have championship belts my Lord and Savior is the real champion. And two Belts are like trophies. They are the icing on your own personal cake. If that makes any sense? LOL.

WKI MAGAZINE: What martial art halls of fame have you been inducted into?


The Master’s Hall of Fame,
World Congress of martial arts
California Gold Hall of Fame
Chin Woo Martial arts Hall of Fame
World Chinese Martial Arts Federation
Bushido Open Hall Of Fame
Drago House
Fresno masters Living Legend

WKI MAGAZINE: Why don’t you tell us a little about your security/ Bodyguard service and how people can hire you?

ERIC GARDERE: Simply we provide security and protection for celebrities, & V.I.Ps.
Our office is located in Los Banos Ca. you can mail us at:

1350 B East Pacheco
Blvd. #274 Los Banos, Ca. 93635.

E-Mail: mastereric74@gmail.com

phone: 209-489-0014.

WKI MAGAZINE: How can our readers find out more about you and follow what you are doing?

ERIC GARDERE: They can go to our Facebook page Both Twin Tigers Kung Fu or Twin Tigers Security/Bodyguard service.

WKI MAGAZINE: Is there anything that you would like to add before we close?

ERIC GARDERE: Martial arts have changed so much
from when I was young. There is so much politics in the arts now, it has become in most studios just a money maker thinking only about the dollar bill. I have a very deep passion and love for the martial arts, it's not the money, or the fame; it’s knowing that I helped one student become a martial artist. Not a bully or a fighter but a martial artist. I believe that it takes three parts to be a martial artist. The mental, physical, and spiritual. These 3
components need to be in harmony or balance with each other, if not all you become is a fighter or a brawler.