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Brigitte Millar

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Brigitte Millar

007 Spectre/Harry Potter

WKI MAGAZINE: What made you want to pursue acting?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: When I was 18, I wanted to pursue an artistic career, but was heavily discouraged by my parents.... I am actually related to the painter Emil Nolde and wanted to study Fine Arts. But Emil was poor all his life, so my parents weren't too happy about my choice. Fast forward several years when I was made redundant from my boring day job in 2003, I considered the possibility of a dancing career. But my brother steered me towards acting and I discovered my passion for the performing arts.

WKI MAGAZINE: Out of all the roles you have played so far, what was your favorite?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: I love all the roles I have played, but Dr Vogel ín 007 James Bond Spectre will always have a special place in my heart. My time on set at Pinewood Studios was magical and it was such an honor and privilege to work with such distinguished actors like Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz.

WKI MAGAZINE: What was it like working on 007 James Bond Spectre and Harry Potter?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: Harry Potter was another amazing experience and I had a lovely time working with Daniel Radcliff and Randon Gleeson, who are both wonderful actors, so talented and down to earth.

WKI MAGAZINE: How did you learn so many fluent languages: English, French  and German; along with so many accents: British, Irish, Russian, and South African? Does that help you pursue acting roles?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: Yes, I think it does, it certainly got me my role in 007 James Bond Spectre. But as with all skills you've got to practice regularly or you get rusty...so I have to take lessons at regular intervals to maintain it.

WKI MAGAZINE: What are some of your favorite actors that you have worked with?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: I feel so blessed in my career as I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing, talented people. Daniel Craig, Chrisptoph Waltz in James Bond, Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Gary Oldman and Brandon Gleeson in Harry Potter and Matt Passmore in Nox are just a few of them.

WKI MAGAZINE: What upcoming projects are you working on?

BRIGITTE MILLAR: I am looking forward to working on an American project called "Never Can Say Good-bye" and also have a role in a project with the working title " Four Levels".....so exciting, I can't wait to get started.

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