WKI Magazine Entertainment Article #3-

Chyna McCoy

    I had the opportunity to interview Hollywood stuntman and actor Chyna McCoy. He's been in big films including The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, T.K.O., Pit Fighter, Game Over, Cryptz, Love and a Bullet, and Kung-Fu Hero as both actor and stuntman, and some of the other major films he's done stunts in include The One, The Time Machine, and Mortal Kombat. He has also been a fight choreographer and stunt coordinator for several films and has worked with some great directors like The Wachowskis, Peter Sullivan, Decklan Mulvey, James Wong, Simon Wells, R.L. Scott, Jesse V. Johnson, Danny Draven, John Hyams.
> Chyna McCoy was born in Seville, Spain, but he was raised in Baltimore City and Washington D.C. One of his greatest influences is Bruce Lee (hands down), and another being his father, who made him watch all those Saturday morning Kung-Fu Theaters. Growing up, Chyna was a super athlete who played football, boxed, swam, and participated in many other sports, but was a self-taught martial artist who started training at 35 from what he had learned from books & films!

> In 1995, Chyna came to California to pursue his dream of being a stuntman and actor. He said it was an uphill journey ever since. Hiss big break came as Laurence Fishbourne's stunt double in the film The Matrix. He described the experience as: “long fun, exciting, it was my very first big Hollywood movie in Hollywood ever. When I first arrived, if you wanted to learn about the movie business, that was the biggest and only way you could learn one on one about how big budget films.” His favorite film role was his first lead action role in the movie Random Acts of Violence, which he described as a “great feeling.” Being a lead actor and star showed that he can carry an entire move on his own.

> I asked Chyna what his most dangerous stunt was, and he told me: “they were all dangerous, but for sure the most dangerous one was flying on the bottom of a helicopter above Sydney, Australia, while hanging on with one hand with a ripcord running from the harness up through my shirt and my arm.” Chyna told me some of his favorite actors to work with were Jet Li, Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chenhu. He said that when he was working with Li and Reeves, they were both very comedic and were perfectionists, but very humble and that they loved hanging out with the actors and crew.

> Chyna told me his toughest challenge was being a stuntman and becoming an actor because during that time, if you are a stuntman, then to crossover was a sin. Actors were actors, so it was a tough time because he had the hybrid skill, and his first acting gig they said they hired him and wanted him because the only stuntman at the time who could fight do stunts and act.

> I met Chyna McCoy on the set of the 2013 film Bullets, Blades, and Blood. I watched him move a yacht with one finger as the rest of the crew and myself were amazed by his strength. Chyna is a man of many talents; he's very comedic, and a very talented writer who wrote a Comic Series called Bayne the Werewolf Hunter. He is also in post production for his live action short film, Bayne, based on his comic strip series. It stars Chyna, Martin Klebba, and features a stellar cast.